3PL Services – Jacksonville, Florida

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3PL Services – Jacksonville, Florida

  • Food Grade Warehouses specializing in packaging & finished goods
  • Domestic & Export shipments
  • Cross Dock Facilities
  • Long Distance Trucking
  • Regional Trucking
  • Local Dedicated Trucking Services

Region Serviced from this Location:

  • North East Florida

24/7 Services

The Biagi Bros manager at the Jacksonville FL location boldly states that the differentiator of their facilities is that they are “better, faster, and more accurate” than their competitors. When asked how they approach each operational day the response was: “Every day brings the challenge of providing the best warehousing services available in this area. We want to be better than everyone else. We want to be dependable. We want to be their go-to warehouse service provider. We want our customers to turn to us when they have an issue, knowing that we can handle it and fix it.”

In talking about their people and customers, Biagi Bros – Jacksonville said, “Our people are everything. We strive to hire and retain only the best. Our customers are large international companies and we feel honored that they have selected and retained us long-term to tend to their operations.”

If you need 3PL services in the Jacksonville, please contact Biagi Bros Inc.

Phone: (904) 781-6609
Fax: (904) 783-1548
Manager: Bernie Genest

460 N. Ellis Road, Jacksonville, FL 32254

Manager: Jerry Barlow

5535 Commonwealth Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32205

Florida - Jacksonville
Florida - Jacksonville
Florida - Jacksonville
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