Biagi Bros., Inc. Has a New President and Vice President!

Biagi Bros., Inc. Has a New President and Vice President!

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Andrea Biagi to President and the promotion of Nick Biagi to Vice President.

“Andrea has worked here for a long time, and I could not be more proud of her,” said Fred Biagi, owner of Biagi Bros. Andrea Biagi has been with Biagi Bros. for over 30 years and has helped run the company for a majority of that time. She earned her Bachelor of Science from California State University Chico and then her Juris Doctor from Taft Law School. Andrea’s perseverance and dedication has strengthened Biagi Bros. and will continue to do so in the future.

“I am glad Nick chose to work here instead of another company. He is good at keeping his department on track,” said Greg Biagi, owner of Biagi Bros. Nick Biagi has worked at Biagi Bros. for over 20 years and has aided in the efficiency of the company. He earned his Bachelor of Science from State University Chico. Nick’s commitment and intelligence has contributed to the success of Biagi Bros. and the company is confident in his abilities.

We are so happy to continue the tradition of keeping Biagi Bros. a family owned and operated company and look forward to the extraordinary leadership and success that Andrea and Nick will bring to the company.

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6 Comments on “Biagi Bros., Inc. Has a New President and Vice President!

  1. My time with Biagi ended in 2006, were great people and company to work for. So happy to see your transition to Electric.
    Ken Fairbanks Retired in Arizona

  2. Congratulations to Andrea and Nick for your hard-earned and well-deserved promotions! The future of Biagi Bros is in good hands!!

  3. Congrats to Andrea and Nick. Your leadership will be very valuable to the future.