Things Truckers Wish You Knew

Things Truckers Wish You Knew

With a lot of people taking road trips this summer, many people are hitting the highway and sharing the road with large semi-trucks.  While the highway may seem like an opportunity to get to your destination quickly, there are still some common courtesies that truck drivers wish regular drivers knew.

Rigs can’t stop quickly – While slamming on the breaks of a regular vehicle is possible, it takes large semi-trucks a much larger distance to stop completely.  Because of that, it’s important to take caution when considering cutting in front of a rig or making any sudden stops.

Keep a good distance – Semis have a higher center of gravity and require more time to respond than other vehicles. Things on the road happen quickly, so give us some space to react. Unfavorable weather conditions such as rain or hail can also put smaller vehicles at risk of limited visibility due to spray.

Avoid blind spots – If you can’t see a truck’s mirrors, they can’t see you. As a general rule of thumb, keep at least one-lane space on the driver’s side and a two-lane space on the passenger side, with a 30-foot distance in front of you if you are following.

Trucks make wide turns – Be conscious of where trucks are turning to avoid being caught in the wrong spot. Semi’s may require more than one lane to make a wide turn, so it’s important that vehicles stop before the painted lines to ensure a good clearance.

Trucks can’t accelerate as quickly – While regular vehicles have no problem accelerating from 0-60 m/hr, it takes large trucks much longer. Please be aware of what a truck is doing and be courteous to switch lanes and not cut them off due to slow acceleration.

It’s our responsibility to drive safely – While it may be frustrating for some to be driving behind a slow semi, people need to remember that we are professionals at work.  We take pride in creating a safe road for everyone and will follow all the company and road rules.  It is our duty.

With these things in mind, let’s keep our roads safe for everyone!

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