How do electric vehicles impact the transportation industry?

How do electric vehicles impact the transportation industry?

Electric vehicles (EV) are revolutionizing the transportation industry and becoming more accessible as the technology becomes more mainstream and tested to be true. The adoption of EVs are proving to be a worthwhile investment because it is not only better for the environment, but aids in the overall cost of operating and maintaining them.

The transportation industry is the backbone of our economy, but also the largest producer of greenhouse gases, contributing to about 27% of our country’s carbon emissions. This is an urgent issue that requires our attention, and the elimination of diesel-based engines can significantly reduce those numbers. With the American government pushing to cut carbon emissions and providing incentives to tackle climate change, it is an inevitable next step in the evolution of trucking.

Many logistic company fleets have started to make the transition to EVs and have received a significant amount of value in doing so. Organizations are saving on ongoing operation and maintenance costs/labor, improving delivery routing efficiencies, create a quieter, more comfortable experience for the driver, and are fulfilling their environmental responsibility.

Electric vehicles are versatile and suitable for many types of delivery and have proven to be very effective for last-mile delivery due to their high maneuverability and small carbon footprint. They also promote pollution-free circulation and are valuable for compact city centers, urban spaces, and indoor spaces. Additionally, EVs leverage smart technologies throughout transportation systems, and improve public utility and transportation infrastructure.

The innovation of EVs are increasingly becoming a standard in our society and it is exciting to exist in a time where these options are available to us. While we still have a long road to go in reducing our carbon footprint, better solutions exist and will inevitably provide enough benefits to encourage the switch for a greener, more efficient, and cost-effective future.

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