Truck Driving & Health – 3

Truck Drivers & Improved Health Outcomes

Truck Driving & Health – Even as further developments arise and study continues, much progress has been made in the trucking industry in the area of safety as well as health.  Important advancements have helped reduce health risk factors for Truck Drivers.  The trucking industry continues to show positive improvements and health outcomes with regard to OTR drivers and short-term drivers in the areas of diet and exercise.

Truck Driving & Dietary Improvements

Truck Driving & HealthThe trucking industry is becoming very aware of the importance of a healthy diet and job performance.  Some companies have even adopted the practice of having in-house dietary coaching available for drivers.  Technology has enabled trucks, trailers and cargo to be carefully monitored while on the road.  Technology is also enabling truckers to take better care of themselves.  There are many online resources available for truck drivers to access.  One such resource is which provides health and wellness solutions specifically tailored to the trucking industry.  

Long-haul and short-haul drivers alike are starting to take seriously the poor health outcomes that have been associated with the truck driving profession in the past, and are making changes.  Drivers are creating informal groups online, sharing tips and supporting each other in this movement towards better heath. Truck stops are getting on board making healthy food choices readily available.  There are more and more options for drivers trying to limit their intake of simple carbohydrates while consuming foods with higher fiber content that are rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Truck Driving & Improvements in Physical Fitness

“Sitting is the new smoking”, the headline has appeared many places and the claim is alarming considering that the nature of work in America is becoming increasingly technology-driven and more sedentary.  While some scientific sources maintain the claim is overstated, others point to its validity.  One thing is certain, “desk jockeys” need to go out of their way more than ever to build physical activity into daily living. And in some ways the trucking industry is to be thanked because truck drivers have functioned as something of a trial group – helping shine a spotlight on the adverse effects of a lack of physical fitness associated with daily work.

In the same way that many short-haul and OTR drivers are embracing healthy food choices, they are making an effort at incorporating physical fitness into their daily lives.  Walking, running and yoga (yes yoga, see: are choices that are easy to take on the road because they require minimal equipment.  While some truck drivers are taking fitness to the next level and train for marathons on the road, that level of commitment certainly isn’t necessary in order reap the health benefits of physical activity.

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week – approximately 30 minutes, 5-days per week.  For many people this is the equivalent of walking at a pace of approximately 3 miles per hour.  It can be as easy as using an old-fashioned wrist watch to keep track of the time or a pedometer to keep track of steps.

Truck Driving & Health – Digestive health while awkward to talk about, is really too serious not too.  Lack of physical activity and poor diet can also be linked to the development of hemorrhoids (varicose veins of the rectum or anus). Remaining seated for long periods of time puts pressure on the veins of the pelvis.  Physical activity helps to stimulate contraction in the intestines promoting better movement of stool through the bowel (peristalsis).  Not only does a better diet help to promote weight loss, it also helps to combat hemorrhoids (piles).  Along with sitting for long periods of time, straining to have bowel movements can also lead to hemorrhoids and even hernias.  Being well hydrated and consuming adequate fiber are important because they help stool to stay soft and easier to pass. Along with being just plain embarrassing to talk about, hemorrhoids can also be a more serious health threat.  While being a health condition that may merely just sideline a driver temporarily, in rare instances an infected hemorrhoid can lead to peritonitis (inner abdominal wall infection) which could be life-threatening if left untreated.

Coming up in Part 4 of this series, Truck Driving & Health, we will look at factors leading to improvements in air quality and sleep for truck drivers. Truck driving is a serious career not just a job. Part of what makes America great is the individual freedoms we enjoy.  Each driver is afforded the opportunity to implement good health practices; successful logistics companies respect the role of their drivers and encourage them to be as healthy as possible.

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