How growing companies can benefit from repack and sort solutions

How growing companies can benefit from repack and sort solutions

Repack and sorting are value-added services in supply chain management that occur when a change or reconfiguration needs to be made to a product. These services can be utilized for a variety of reasons – from customer request adjustments, to preparing cargo for more efficient delivery, they help maintain the integrity of the products and provide an efficient solution for growing businesses that want to boost their production process.

In today’s on-demand society, fulfillment efficiency is an essential practice in logistics management. A study has shown that working with a third-party provider reduced overall logistics costs by 9% and offered an average fixed logistics cost reduction of 15% for producers. Another study has found that 69% of consumers are much less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if an item they purchased is not delivered within two days of the date promised. With customer satisfaction always on the line and the amount of considerations business owners must balance, many are opting for a third-party partner to help them scale efficiently.

The following are some the advantages of repack and sorting services:

  • Improve efficiency and safety.
  • Low costs and higher profits.
  • Reduced size and weight of final packages, resulting in lower shipping costs and better utilization of space.
  • Allowance for various size combinations, saving money for consumers and producers.
  • Cost-effective labor.
  • Label/package customization, resulting in greater brand awareness and the ability to charge more for an “elevated” product that is more appealing to consumers.
  • Helps producers efficiently meet changing consumer needs for greater consumer satisfaction.
  • Improved product quality due to careful monitoring during the repacking steps.
  • Freeing up resources to help companies better focus on their core competencies.
  • Accurate inventory tracking and management through computerized reports.
  • Workflow simplification.
  • Improved customer experience.

Running a profitable business is complex and for many, it is like their baby. Business owners work hard at achieving their goals and are passionate about what they do. That’s why it is important to make strategic decisions that are supportive in their developmental goals. Investing in the infrastructure, staff, and equipment to grow production can be a pricey venture which can actually hinder a company, so instead, investing in a third-party provider is an excellent solution for a business wanting to scale with ease.

Biagi Bros are specialists in all aspects of beverage 3PL services, including repack and sorting, and are allies in helping businesses stay competitive. Contact us today to discover how Biagi Bros. can help your company find efficiency and grow.

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