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The Grass is Greener at Biagi

Like other Biagis that now make up the next generation at Biagi Bros transportation and warehousing, Stacey Biagi spent summer vacations working in the family business. Answering phones, filing paperwork, and helping out in the warehouse, this young lady grew restless to see what life was like beyond a Biagi career. Motivated by a grass-must-be-greener mentality, Stacey says she set out to forge a career for herself with a large manufacturer of medical devices. Starting out in one of their production facilities on the assembly line, Stacey was later promoted to a position as a logistics clerk.

It was at this company where Stacey learned valuable lessons about life as “just another employee” – lessons she would later carry back with her back to Biagi. In fact, Stacey is so passionate about the value of what is learned as someone else’s employee that she has promoted this path for her daughter too. Currently a student of psychology and sociology at the University of Reno, Stacey’s daughter has been encouraged to develop her own career outside of Biagi in order to better appreciate the family business should she decide to come on board down the road.

As with many large companies, corporate life where Stacey was employed was strictly a numbers game – volume, efficiency, output. Employees were often nameless, faceless commodities and hiring was done in response to market fluctuations with little thought as to the future of those same employees. “I know what it’s like to punch a time clock and wonder if I will survive the next round of layoffs”, Stacey confesses. The experience has reinforced for her the value of the family-oriented philosophy we take pride in at Biagi Bros. We have a real relationship with our employees. This atmosphere carries with it a built-in sense of trust and loyalty which is invaluable to us as employers. Some business owners think that a familial atmosphere breeds laxity in their employees, but at Biagi, we disagree. Having experienced the opposite, Stacey can attest to the fact that when an employee is acknowledged on a relational level there are actually far fewer problems.

Upon her return to Biagi Bros about 8 years ago, Stacey went to work in the maintenance department. (She boasts to knowing more about trucks than most of her male friends now!) Her experience in maintenance further reinforced to her the benefit of good employer-employee relationships. Because our employees don’t feel anonymous they are far less likely to see us that way either. Opportunities to rack up overtime with unnecessary costly maintenance, for example, are not exploited because of respect and loyalty. And instead of coming to work with an eye to taking whatever they can get away with, employees go the extra mile for us and we go out of our way to be mindful of their families and futures. It is a win-win situation.

Presently Stacey wears several different hats at Biagi Bros. She works on grant projects and Licensing & Permits, but her new found passion is her role as the Director of Public Relations & Social Media. A newly created position at Biagi Bros, Stacey gets to build relationships with the non-profits the company supports, host employee appreciation BBQs, hand out Christmas gifts to each of the employees, interact with the news media, as well as promote events related to the Biagi-DenBeste race team (NASCAR Busch series). Stacey is also spearheading the new Biagi online corporate store where employees will be able to purchase company and race car paraphernalia.

At Biagi Bros, we think Stacey’s decision to work outside of the family business for a few years has benefited all of us. Whether it’s with our vendors or our employees, Stacey carries at the forefront of her mind the importance of relationship and relationship is what makes the grass so much greener at Biagi.

If you are interested in coming to work for a transportation and logistics company that values their employees, proceed to the Biagi Career Page .

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