Barcode Scanning Technology – Time is Money

Time is Money – Barcode Scanning Technology Part 1

The maxim “time is money” is a familiar one to most people that own or manage any type of business. Nowhere is this adage more evident than in the logistics industry. The concept is always top-of-mind at Biagi Bros because it is intrinsic to our ability to deliver excellent customer service. The more efficiency we can bring to the table, the more positive the effect to our clients’ bottom line. To this end, we make it our aim to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in transportation and warehousing technology and employ those things that help us better serve our clients.

In 2010 we implemented our first RF (radio frequency) tracking system for warehouse management. [Many thanks to Blue Horseshoe for implementing Warehousing for AX] The system uses bar-code scanning technology and greatly increases inventory accuracy. Every pallet in the warehouse is equipped with a “license plate” and can be tracked electronically. The system is a vast improvement because it is faster and eliminates human error. It won’t let someone overlook older stock and pick new stock or choose the wrong item by accident. Not to mention the organizational and environmental advantages that come with being paperless! Five warehouses in total are now RF equipped and we have plans to implement the system in more of them.

Barcode and Reader

Another excellent tech innovation at Biagi Bros has been the creation of a customer portal accessed through our website. Instead of customers needing to call and track down inventory reports and order statuses, they can access all of this information in real-time via the customer portal. Customers are able to see their ATP (available-to-promise) inventory, check on the status of their orders, and examine scheduling for optimal order management. It is a win-win situation that saves everyone time and money.
Order Management is another area that has benefited from our technological advances. We implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, an ERP system which fully integrates all of our freight and warehouse divisions. This has greatly increased our operational efficiency and reporting capabilities, which has enabled us to communicate with customers more quickly and efficiently. We have also expanded our EDI program to meet the needs of our growing client base.

At Biagi Bros, we don’t want to miss any opportunity new technology may afford us to optimize our customers’ supply chain. How we get there may change, but the end point destination is always the same – customer service. Watch for the second instalment of our time-is-money inspired blog. Coming this summer, part 2 will focus on tech innovations in the trucking side of Biagi Bros.

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