How Biagi Bros is Combating the Continuing Driver Shortage

How Biagi Bros is Combating the Continuing Driver Shortage

In the United States, truck drivers transport about 70% of the economy’s products throughout the country.  They are the lifeblood of the economy and without them, producers and consumers will face increasing delays and shortages. There is a great demand for qualified drivers, but just not enough supply to meet it. So let talk about why the numbers keep decreasing.

There are several factors that contribute to the national trucker shortage.  The main one being the aging workforce and a lack of qualified young people to take their place. Currently only about 7% of the truck drivers are under the age of 25; while the majority of them are nearing retirement. That is a huge age gap and there is a lot that the government and the industry must revamp to become more appealing to new drivers.  People want greater career satisfaction and the demand for better pay, benefits, and respect is at the top of everyone’s checklist.

While government decisions will play a big role in alleviating the shortage during these next critical years, the industry must also do their part, and companies like Biagi Bros. are working to modernize the profession, making driving a more desirable career.

As a family-owned and operated company, we have always prided ourselves on treating out employees like family and we are built upon the lasting relationships we have fostered with both our customers and employees. We achieve this through creating a culture of respect and value, with an open-door policy that encourages open communication. It is essential that we conscientiously support our drivers with competitive pay and a full benefits package including healthcare, 401 K, paid days off, vacation and sick leave.

In an effort to attract new drivers, our Benicia, CA location offers a new driver program which hires graduates straight out of driving school and provides paid one on one training to develop them into industry standard professionals. Many companies will require at least a year of driving experience before they even consider a hire, but that is a big dilemma for any graduate trying to get their foot in the door. This program opens the door for new talent to get in the industry and receive that hands-on training right away. In 2016, Biagi also donated one of our highway tractors to the Santa Rosa Junior College for their commercial Class A Truck Driver course to show support and invest in the drivers that this industry so desperately needs.

Biagi Bros. is always keeping up to date with regulations and adopting new technologies to make work more efficient. All of these initiatives lead to greater employee satisfaction and our great culture is the reason why we are able to maintain such long-term employees.  Our hope is that it continues to attract drivers looking to get into the industry and create a better outlook for truck drivers in general.

While predictions for the driver shortage aren’t looking to make any sudden increase any time soon, we are optimistic that continuing to provide our employees with the respect and care they deserve is a step in the right direction and we will continue to try to be a positive influence on the industry as a whole. The employment shortage is no easy feat, but we understand the importance of our drivers and will continue to grow to accommodate the people who keep our business and country running.

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