Truck Driver Safety Tips

Truck Driver Safety Tips

You don’t need to own a trucking company long before you hear stories from your drivers as to why certain “incidents” took place. Many of the stories are usually as a result of something that seemed like common sense but ended up as an incident without the right precautions. From simply not checking a fuel gage and running out of fuel, to rollover accidents caused by the driver grabbing a travel coffee mug. There are endless stories of truck driving incidents that even the most skilled drivers experience. Because of that, we have compiled a short list of suggestions that may feel redundant but are a nice reminder to stay vigilant on the road.

Leave space between you and the next vehicle. Keep at least 7 seconds of distance between you and the next vehicle to prevent collisions and give you time to react appropriately. The larger the buffer zone, the more time you have to slow down and correct.

Stay alert and always ensure that you are well rested when on the road. Before departure and while on the road, always assess to see how you feel. If you are feeling fatigued, plan a safe rest spot as soon as possible. Things can happen quickly on the road and a moment of fatigue can impair your judgement leading to serious accidents.

Reduce lane changes. Passing vehicles and making lane changes put truck drivers at a higher risk of collision because of a truck’s speed, blind spots, and unpredictability of other drivers. Keep to the right and stay there whenever possible. Should you want to switch lanes, do so carefully, being aware of your surroundings and blind spots.

Reduce risks on any departure: Complete your pre-trip inspection each day before driving and after any stop. Walk around your entire vehicle to look for any mechanical or safety defects and ensure that you check your surroundings on all sides for any obstacles or dangers you need to be aware of before departing.

Polarized Sunglasses are essential during any season because they protect you from any glare or limited visibility from direct sun. It is a simple accessory that can prevent accidents and provide more visibility on the road.

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